Thursday, 15 April 2010

General Election Live

Brief Facts from ITV's Live Debate Forum

Posts on ITV's website so far are favouring Nick Clegg, whose had 48-50% of the 'whose on top' votes from website users.

David Cameron is not far behind but users are criticising him for using sound bites.

All of them are using personal stories of who they have met to answer questions.

Things have evened out a bit more with Clegg seeming most popular with 39%, Cameron at 31% and Gordon Brown at 30%.

Topics so far have included immigration, crime and the expenses scandal/MP pay.

59% of users have said that the television will influence their vote the most.

Gordon Brown is attempting to build a connection to the Lib Dems but Clegg is denying it.

Clegg's rating has gone up to 60%.

Debate turns to education.

Users are noting that Cameron is mainly just 'slagging off' current policies rather than provide a solution.

People like that Gordon Brown is cracking jokes but have said that although he is saying a lot it is 'nothing'

Apparently there have ben 84,000 Tweets on the debate.

Users are saying Brown looks strong on the economy and obviously has the most experience

Most users are concerned about where money will come from for any policies as income has not been mentioned.

Debate turns to the armed forces.

Sympathy turns to Brown as users say he did not get the country into the recession.

Cameron has become third in the popularity polls.

Users also saying that Brown is making a lot of sense.

Users unhappy when the leaders 'suck up' to NHS, army etc

Most confidence in Brown to improve economy.

Several have commented that Brown's tie is pink and not red...

Clegg and Brown seem most realistic on helping the elderly and carers (a touchy subject for me)

Clegg honestly admits that politicians don't know how to solve some issues!

Brown seems stronger on policy.

Users not liking Cameron's sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, mentions of state schools and his son

Closing Statements

Clegg: "Choose something different. Choose fairness."

Brown: "We musn't make mistakes in 1930s and 1980s [in regard to recession]. We must protect our health service, schools and police."

Cameron: "Choose hope over fear. If you work hard I'll be behind you, if you are old and become ill I will help you."

Final online poll:
1. Clegg: 45%
2. Brown: 36%
3 Cameron: 19%

Who won the debate? (ITV News figures)
Clegg: 43%
Cameron: 26%
Brown: 20%
None: 11%

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Easy as 1,2,3...or maybe not

Recent research from today revealed the most confusing everyday activities for the average human being. Maths and money-led activities proved to dominate the top 10, with sums, currency conversion and interest rates all giving us brain ache. The opposite sex, offside rule, wireless networks and even selecting wine were also included. I wonder how many people really think about the theory of relativity everyday though.

Here's the top 10:

1. Algebra
2. The theory of relativity
3. Converting currency
4. The opposite sex
5. Driving in a foreign country
6. The offside rule
7. Setting up wireless networks
8. Understanding Interest rates
9. Insurance policies
10.Selecting wine from a menu

Is there anything else you would include in the list?