Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sorry but M&M World isn't right for London.

Firstly let me tell you that M&M World in London is not a world, it is a shop. What I mean by this is that despite the occasional character meet and the large plastic, dressed M&M’s dotted around the store, there is nothing to do except buy. I can only describe it as like a shop you get in a theme park, except you haven’t been on any ride. So as I walked around the primary coloured shop in Leicester Square yesterday all I could think was that it was totally wrong for London. Sure it had a large union jack logo, a large London bus for people to sit on and London-themed stands to have photos with but it still felt American, even the music played was Bruno Mars, Rihanna and the like.

Its only ‘wow’ moment is the actual chocolate itself, as it should be, which is displayed in large tubes of each colour around an entire wall. This is where I’m completely sucked in by the personal touch as M&Ms can be bagged however you want with any colour you want. It’s also great as a gimmick for a work do; wedding or birthday as I believe you can also get words printed on them.

However this wasn’t enough to sway me, particularly when I reached the bottom level to see people queuing alongside a red rope to pose with four M&Ms on a recreation of Abbey Road. It just sunk in either further that M&Ms are American and no matter how British it wants to be, it’ll never quite ‘fit in’. Still, with the amount of yellow bags I saw in Leicester Square once I walked out it seems Londoners and tourists completely adore the place. Cadbury, make your move. But don't try too hard.