Sunday, 29 November 2009

P-P-P-P-P-P Ma P-Poker Face

Written to: X Factor

I've known for some time now that I do not like a particular emoticon. I'm all too pleased to see a :), :( or :O. But there's something I don't like about the ;).

If put at the end of pretty much anything, it makes it sound perverted or wrong. People seem to think it's sexy but just makes me shiver.

Take this for example:

How are you? ;)

Do you not instantly feel you're being chatted up? It's smutty and weird. I think I have only used it when I have to be so obviously flirty to a guy (oh, wait, that's nearly all the time).

Oh and another thing guys, don't call me babe. Just don't.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

When the sun shines, we'll shine together

Written to: ♫ Outta Here- Esmee Denters ♫

I made the decision to stay in Essex this weekend rather than trundle off to Portsmouth seeming as my To Do list was as long at my body and I was starting to freak out. The worrier I am, I knew that I couldn't enjoy my weekend being like that.

But then yesterday I pretty much smashed the whole thing. I was determined to get some research done for my environmental piece so spent the morning snooping around Southend making the council feel uneasy. I've got to give them a ring Monday, that will be fun! But still, something needs to be done about the cliff slippages.

I then met up with Haylee and went Christmas window shopping, which was great because it gave me loads of ideas and I know what I want to get everyone now. I then came home and re-drafted my old features, got an image and practised shorthand.

Today I've planned my b2b, practised shorthand, sent off two emails about work experience and ordered a Christmas present.

Work later then Bluewater, writing the b2b, more shorthand and another work experience application tomorrow.

I'm on a roll and I love it!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Pub Dilemma #3

Written to: ♫ Standing in the Way of Control- The Gossip ♫

This week...

Would you rather have hairy teeth of hair on your head that hurts when you touch it?

The first time I read this I felt sick when I thought of having hairy teeth, and just as I typed that I felt the same. Just horrific.

So by process of elimination, I suppose I'd have to have hair that hurts.

There's not much more I can say about that to be honest!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

You are creating all the bubbles at night, I'm chasing round trying to pop them all the time

Written to: ♫ Whatcha Say: Jason Derulo ♫

I'm applying for internships and work experience all over the place. If you want to give me a job, please do :).

Classic moment today.

Although I try not to, we all know it's too easy to think so stereotypically these days. One way this happens alot for me is cars, seeming as I spend alot of time in my own, on the road.

I could hear some monstrosity revving up to show off and a frenzied silver Fiesta with a huge front zoom up in my front mirror. As I usually do in these situations I slowed right down to as slow as even I could go (around 25mph) and let them sit it out. I don't like people driving too close to me thanks. I picked up eventually then got to a roundabout, where the Fiesta pulled up beside me. I looked across expecting to see some young oik and was met by the growl of a middle class mother. Alright love, calm down. Still it made me laugh how it was far from my expectations.

Same for when you say some banged up, much loved N or R reg spluttering along the motorway. You expect a student or maybe just some scruff, but instead there's a most pristine suit and perfect hairstyle inside.

Carry on surprising me Britain, I love it.

Finished on: ♫ Mountains: Biffy Clyro ♫

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pub Dilemma #2

Written to: Harry Hill's TV Burp

This week...

Would you rather have T Rex arms or lobster claws?

Surely this is a no brainer, guys?! I don't think lobster claws would be a good idea at all. If you had T Rex arms, it would be like that old deodarant advert with the girls who didn't want to lift their arms.

Plus, how cool would it be to be like a dinosaur?!

You're not alone, I'll wait til the end of time

Written to: Dizzee Rascal Stand Up Tall Vs Robin S Show Me Love

Two posts today, because I missed the pub dilemma in the week.

So I went to Portsmouth Friday evening and had a marvellous time at the house party. And although I miss the people and the city alot, I am pleased to say that I came away feeling pretty elated, rather than gutted that I was only there for a while.

Call it a nostalgic trip or whatever but I simply didn't feel as connected to there anymore. I'll definitely still visit, would possibly live there again, but at the moment I'm quite happy to go back and forth every now again. I recommend that you visit it by the way whether day or night, genuinely lovely place.

It was also fab to be studenty again in the way that you only can be at uni. But talking to everyone I realised I prefer having some sort of direction and things to get up for. It's just too boring otherwise! And not having to do tonnes of reading now that I've left uni is definitely a plus.

Instead I write all this crap for other people to read instead!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Nobody said it was easy

Written to: Laptop Whirring

Oh My Word. Again, too tired to put much!

Society of Editors Conference was goooooood, lots of frantic writing and recording etc. Also got to do to the gala dinner, albeit slighly underdressed. But overall, a success!

Read my stuff here if you wish (New Platforms, Local News, Openness is Best, Rat Up a Drainpipe award)

Normal Amanda will resume on Sunday after her law exam and Portsmouth trip.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Headache, you can be such a headache

Written to: ♫ Never Gonna Let You Go: Tina Moore ♫

I'm ill and it's horrible. My head is REALLY hurting. So much that there is no room for creativity today.

I'm off to recover so I can go to the Editor's Fightback Conference at Stansted tomorrow.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Here in my car...

Written to: ♫ Don't Turn Around - Ace of Base ♫

Nothing that inspiring as happened today except the fattest cheese on toast I've had in my life and minor things involving my car. Seeming as he is a major part of my life; it's time to talk about the lovely Pedro, my red Aygo.

Up until 3 weeks ago I was driving around my N reg golden nugget Doris, a little Micra that I and everyone adored and was sad to see go. Six weeks before I was dut to give her up some loser smashed into the back of me, denting her back majorly and giving her the only mark she had ever had in her 13 years of life. A victim of the scrappage scheme; she is now sadly a cube. I don't want to talk about it anymore or I'll cry.

So earlier this month I picked up Pedro, I don't know why he had to be a boy, but the name just stuck after being widely discussed on my Portugal holiday over the summer with Haylee. 3 weeks in and I'm still struggling with the high bite point and over revving (honestly, it's embarrassing), but he smells lovely and is just so lovely and new.

Studying in Harlow means I'm reluctant to leave him around but it's been fine. Today I left my phone on full display on the passenger seat. OMG. That's a bad idea anywhere. I had to rush from shorthand to go and get the poor thing! Then I had to drive home at 5.30 this evening in the pitch black and pouring rain down the A414 that has no bloody lamposts on it. Some loser over took 4 of us in one go. FOUR?! Then as I thought things would return to normality, the car in front of me which I'd been using as guidance turned off and I was left to lead the way. I was bloody petrified; could barely see anything!

But I made it and came home to see my mum had made me bangers and mash for dinner. Lush.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pub Dilemma #1

Written to: ♫ Misery Business- Paramore ♫

Every Wednesday or Thursday (depending on when my bestie Haylee texts it to me) I will be discussing the pub dilemma printed in more! magazine. Just for laaauuffs.

This week:
Would you rather be 10ft tall and look like Cherly Cole, or average size and look like Heather from Eastenders?

I instantly felt I should not be shallow and therefore went for Heather, seeming as any woman can fall in love, and she looks decent in real life. Being 10ft tall is stupid, you wouldn't be able to go anywhere. But then thats kind of cheating and not really the question is it?

Everyone else has said Cheryl as it would just be awesome to be that hot and have her life, blah blah. Even when I think about it now though, and here is the over-thinking, look at how stressful and down-right depressed that girl seems to appear behind everything. Her marriage is supposedly falling apart, she's clearly feeling the pressure to stay on the Cowell's good side and must barely have time to sit on her well primed arse.

But then poor ol' Heather has just given birth to a child whose father is an engaged teenager and half her age.

Don't these people get themselves into a pickle?!

So basically I'm not sure if I can answer this one. Not for life anyway. If it were for a day though, a giant Cheryl I would be.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves

Being British is marvellous and something I am very proud of. In respect to all those who are fighting to let us carry on living this way; here are just a few things that I love about Britain.

Remembrance Sunday.

Fish and Chips.

A cup of tea will solve everything.

The stiff upper lip.

Our 'just get on with it' attitude.

Our sense of humour (and the fact the Americans don't get it)

Our love for the underdog.

The fact that we will quite happily ruin someone's dream to vote in Jedward because it goes against what is 'right'.

That we would also let a bumbling Boris Johnson run our glorious capital.

Our love for a sex scandal.

The way we are so hopeless with snow and cold weather although it happens all the time.

The seaside.

Our quirkiness.

Literature - from Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling.

Our music scene.

The greatest football league in the world.

Feel free to add any of the many I have missed.

We will remember them.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lazy days, calling to you

The first day in about two weeks that I've managed to just be able to relax. I get another tomorrow and I bet I'll get bored by the middle of the day.

I've spent the last two weeks doing work experience every weekday at a local magazine then rushing home to eat, get changed and do paid work for 3 of the evenings. By the time I'd spent my weekend doing everything I hadn't been able to do over the week, it was time to start up again. I complained the whole time, yet loved that I was in demand.

Christmas is going to be hectic too as I have experience in London and will probably have to work Boxing Day. Talk about sacrifice. I won't stop moaning about it and consistently drawing up schedules, even though its over a month away. But once it all dies down, I'll want it again.

There's no pleasing some people.

P.S I can't help but think I should write this all in shorthand, just to practice.