Saturday, 28 November 2009

When the sun shines, we'll shine together

Written to: ♫ Outta Here- Esmee Denters ♫

I made the decision to stay in Essex this weekend rather than trundle off to Portsmouth seeming as my To Do list was as long at my body and I was starting to freak out. The worrier I am, I knew that I couldn't enjoy my weekend being like that.

But then yesterday I pretty much smashed the whole thing. I was determined to get some research done for my environmental piece so spent the morning snooping around Southend making the council feel uneasy. I've got to give them a ring Monday, that will be fun! But still, something needs to be done about the cliff slippages.

I then met up with Haylee and went Christmas window shopping, which was great because it gave me loads of ideas and I know what I want to get everyone now. I then came home and re-drafted my old features, got an image and practised shorthand.

Today I've planned my b2b, practised shorthand, sent off two emails about work experience and ordered a Christmas present.

Work later then Bluewater, writing the b2b, more shorthand and another work experience application tomorrow.

I'm on a roll and I love it!

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