Wednesday, 25 November 2009

You are creating all the bubbles at night, I'm chasing round trying to pop them all the time

Written to: ♫ Whatcha Say: Jason Derulo ♫

I'm applying for internships and work experience all over the place. If you want to give me a job, please do :).

Classic moment today.

Although I try not to, we all know it's too easy to think so stereotypically these days. One way this happens alot for me is cars, seeming as I spend alot of time in my own, on the road.

I could hear some monstrosity revving up to show off and a frenzied silver Fiesta with a huge front zoom up in my front mirror. As I usually do in these situations I slowed right down to as slow as even I could go (around 25mph) and let them sit it out. I don't like people driving too close to me thanks. I picked up eventually then got to a roundabout, where the Fiesta pulled up beside me. I looked across expecting to see some young oik and was met by the growl of a middle class mother. Alright love, calm down. Still it made me laugh how it was far from my expectations.

Same for when you say some banged up, much loved N or R reg spluttering along the motorway. You expect a student or maybe just some scruff, but instead there's a most pristine suit and perfect hairstyle inside.

Carry on surprising me Britain, I love it.

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