Sunday, 22 November 2009

You're not alone, I'll wait til the end of time

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Two posts today, because I missed the pub dilemma in the week.

So I went to Portsmouth Friday evening and had a marvellous time at the house party. And although I miss the people and the city alot, I am pleased to say that I came away feeling pretty elated, rather than gutted that I was only there for a while.

Call it a nostalgic trip or whatever but I simply didn't feel as connected to there anymore. I'll definitely still visit, would possibly live there again, but at the moment I'm quite happy to go back and forth every now again. I recommend that you visit it by the way whether day or night, genuinely lovely place.

It was also fab to be studenty again in the way that you only can be at uni. But talking to everyone I realised I prefer having some sort of direction and things to get up for. It's just too boring otherwise! And not having to do tonnes of reading now that I've left uni is definitely a plus.

Instead I write all this crap for other people to read instead!

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