Thursday, 24 December 2009

Concrete jungle where dream are made of

Written to: Call Me - Blondie

I have just seen the trailer for Sex and the City 2. I have mixed feelings about what I saw.

First of all let me admit I have not watched the series. The boxset is sitting at home, but I just don't have the time. But with a SATC mad housemate who knew EVERYTHING I pretty much picked up on what was going on. I saw the first film with my mum at the cinema and enjoyed it.

There is no doubt that this one will be just as popular. The British public as much as the American have taken these four girls (now women) as the epitomisation of being young, free and single. Although by the end of the first film they were all in stable relationships. But, hey, if it keeps the money rolling in...

With the use of Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind, the trailer is already optimistic and cool, combined with a couple of cliched lines "carrie along" and the interesting fashion (half the time they look stupid, I feel). But then it feels like New York had little to offer, so they've shipped them off to a desert instead.

No doubt this will be humourous, especially with Samantha, but British comedy fans will notice that this has been done before. Eddy and Patsy suffered the same fate in Absolutely Fabulous when they went on holiday to Marrakesh and spent all their time in the hotel. Now, that is funny. Real, funny women who still work together, rather than four mannequins who only reunite for the money and work.

Nevertheless, nothing like a bit of fluffy chic-flick with your mum in the afternoon. I'll go to see it, eventually.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

London Calling

Written to: Mock the Week

So my work experience started today and I am to be a London commuter for the next three days, then for a week after Christmas.

The walk to the station was ridiculous. I slipped the whole way. The fact it is a huge hill doesn't help, so I had to walk on the side closest to the road, which was covered in snow. Only problem there was that I was so close to the road side that if I had slipped, I'd have been a goner!

Once I got to the station I was ok until I got to Liverpool St. I had to let a sardine squashed train go past and wait for the next. After being cramped for a minute there was an announcement that there was a 'trespasser' on the tracks and delays on the Central line. Fan-bloody-tastic. Just what I needed.

So I trotted around to the Circle line instead, where there were minor delays, which isn't usually a big deal. But then I forgot that you now have to wait 5 minutes for a tube train nowadays. What's that about?! There were staff shortages today so I had to Metropolitan it to Baker Street.

Due to my lack of travel into London recently I did not know that the Circle line is now not a circle but in fact some odd spiral shape. This means that once you get to Edgware Road, you cannot continue round and have to change. So I get off at Baker Street Metro line to run around to Circle line, which I go onto for one stop, then run around to the other Circle line at Edgware Road (not heading to Hammersmith) to do the three or four stops to High Street Kensington. I arrived with ten minutes to spare. Thank God. I hate being late.

On the way home I went along the bottom of the Circle line, ran to catch my train at Liverpool St and was back and hour and fifteen minutes later. Smashing.

If you're interested in reading it, this Evening Standard article sums up the Edgware Road situation rather well

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Faster Kill Faster Pussycat

Written to: Matilda

Lots of news to comment on today, in one line each.
  • R.I.P Brittany Murphy, you were amazing in Happy Feet and just incredible
  • Rage Against the Machine at number 1 puts my faith back in Britain's love for music
  • Snow is annoying now, go away
  • I feel sorry for the staff of Eurostar!
  • Yay for Chris Hollins winning Strictly
  • Yay for West Ham not being bottom of the table
  • OMG at that child taken from the police station
  • Jokenhagen, climate change summit was ridiculous, and boo to China

Mixed feelings!

[Secret] Santa Baby

Written to: ♫ Bulletproof- La Roux ♫

I do realise it is 1.36am but I HAVE to write about this now, while it's all fresh and utterly hilarious.

Online this may look shit, but I don't care.

I got my secret santa present from work today and was astonished to find it was in a bag so big that it wouldn't get in the back of my car. It's like, A0 sized or something.

Inside that was a wine box from work with AMANDA scrawled on it.

In this was another box, but folded up.

Under that was a pink gift bag with City Girl on it (honestly, very me).

In that was a M&S carrier bag.

Which revealed a very nice red clutch bag inside.

So not only did I get a nice present but I had some kind of adventure getting there and got to carry a huge bag. What's more annoying is I have no idea who it is! I have an inkling, but I don't know for certain.

Whoever you are, you have brightened up my week and I really appreciate that you know me so well to do it in the way you did and get that present.

'Effin Marvellous!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Pub Dilemma #4

Written to: ♫ Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas ♫

Would you rather have toes for ears or ears for toes?

Hmm well on first thoughts I went eurgh, none thanks! But then after a little thought and persuasion from Haylee I decided that ears as toes would be better, as you could hide them under your shoes.

But still, how weird would that look?! I doubt you would be able to stand if you're toes were like ears really. Or perhaps it would make them look more webbed.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Midas is king and he holds me so tight, turns me to gold in the sunlight

Written to: ♫ Killing in the Name- Rage Against the Machine ♫

I went to the pantomime today and it was bloody marvellous.

Brian Conelly was in it playing Buttons who I found myself strangely fancying more and more throughout and show, and who held the whole thing together to be honest. It was Cinderella and half of the script was the same as the one in Portsmouth last year, but never mind.

There comes a stage in your teens when pantos aren't cool anymore, they're a bit embarrassing and a joke. But honestly, once your 18 or over, you see a completely different side. Only in panto will you get a whole crowd shouting "Wake up Willy" to a man with his hand stuck up a tortoise puppet's arse. Or sing Old McDonald has a Farm while some dilusional kids try and sing along.

It was hilarious. At times even my cheeks hurt.

What was also strange is that kids seem to be tuned in to boo and cheer at the right moments, without even being told. It's liked it's programmed in. They even got the 'oh no you're nots' without needing to be encouraged. How do they know what to do, when we spend most of our time in a theatre or cinema in silence? Very odd.

My mum pointed out in the interval that we'd been going to the pantomime at Southend probably since I was about 4, and she used to go when she was a kid as well. I love that something as British as this is still going strong, and pulling in audiences and money for the theatres that run the shows. We have beautiful theatres in this country, take Kings Theatre in Southsea that is over 100 years old. They are amazing places with loads of talent, whether famour or not. They definitely shouldn't be forgotten about.

The only bit they didn't do tonight was a "He's behind you" moment, which I missed because I jsu adore shouting at the characters.

But nevermind, the Prince and Dandini were gorgeous. And of course, the Conelly wasn't bad either.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sure enough worth fighting for

Written to: ♫ Madonna and Justin Timberlake: 4 Minutes ♫

It's always bothered me that that song isn't 4 minutes long.

Anyway, X Factor final tonight. Woop!

Except I'll be at work, serving 55 posh people and smiling away. Not so woop.

Anyway, as fixed and annoying as it may be sometimes, I love how X Factor has united and divided the country. Jedward, Cheryl and Dannii's outfits, Danyl: all these have triggered headlines and conversation.

Now that we've reached the final together I don't think many of us actually care who wins, seeming as the talent is no way near as good as it has been in previous years. But in the great spirit of things we want to see it through to the end, and so millions will tune in tonight to see the first evictee before tomorrow's proper final.

I've been told that up and down the country people are holding X Factor parties, a stay-in celebration for families and friends strapped for cash and wanting to spend time together. Sounds like Christmas! My family are one of these, we just bought half of Asda's confectionary to feed the nine over tomorrow night, and I even splashed out on X Factor chocolate (yes, that's right) from BHS for everybody to munch on.

I'm gutted that I'm not going to be a part of it, but more because everyone will be watching rather than the show itself.

I will be sneaking on a break to vote for Olly. Stacey doesn't have the attitude to be a pop star, and Joe (who I think will win even though I don't want him to) is a strange asexual being who will flop like Leon Jackson and Ray Quinn.

Leon who? Exactly.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone

Written to: ♫ Adele- Hometown Glory ♫

I found out I've passed my 60wpm shorthand exam, so am feeling quite pleased about that!

But over the past two weeks, I've realised how exams can really screw you up. At school I felt confident about them, to be honest school was easy and I knew what I was on about. A Levels were ok as well.

Over university I think I had three exams across the three years, and they were exams where you had to write an essay in two hours, or something similar. Everything else has been coursework, so you get to hand in drafts and ideas before handing in the final product. That way you already have an indication of how you are going to do.

So now that I'm on a course that is pretty much all exam, I'm petrified. Not so much of the exam itself, although NCTJ ones are difficult, but the waiting after. I'm impatient anyway, so this really doesn't help. To get that shorthand result was a relief, but there are law and news ones to follow which we might not get for another month. A month?!

It drags things out further than they need to be, and gets me all worked up. Thank God I won't have to worry about them again after March!

I hope. :/

Sunday, 6 December 2009

You'll find me in the club...

Written to: ♫ N-Dubz and Mr Hudson - Playing With Fire ♫

As a busy girl I ended up being at two events on Friday night and seeing the scale of two different nights out in clubs.

The first was a 30th birthday at quite a classy place, where everyone was in couples and perched with their drinks and discussing how their kid was causing trouble at home.

Compared to the one I got to at 10pm, where most of the people were single, there was flirting a-plenty and everyone was dancing around like loonies. It was fantastic! Nothing better than lots of gossip and drink to get the group going. And, as I am attempting a detox (ha!), I didn't drink as much as normal and had no hangover the next day. Huzzah!

There is no pub dilemma this week because it was a bit rubbish.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

All my single ladies, all my single ladies

Written to: ♫ Arctic Monkeys- Mardy Bum ♫

As Christmas comes I find myself single again, dreading all the loved up couples, missing snuggling and sitting on my own on Christmas Day. And I'll be working so much over the holidays that I'll barely have any time to meet new people, let alone spend time with the people I love.

So I find it strange to say that although I will miss the warmth of another, I am generally feeling optimistic about being single at the moment. With my course and work going on I already have so much on my plate, and I'm having to be quite selfish. There's just no time for a boyfriend.

It's worrying how often I hear women worry about finding a man or getting over men at the moment. Of course, I will want to settle down eventually but I honestly believe there is love out there for everybody and it will come when that day happens. There's no point trying to push it further, it's fate.

In the mean time, enjoy yourself and learn from your mistakes. I will make much better decisions from now on based on the nightmare I have been in the past.

Besides, there are lots of new guys I know who have recently become single...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Trying to get the girl all the bad guys want...

Written to: ♫ McFly- Corrupted ♫

Tomorrow (technically today), I am off on a girl date with one of my oldest and loveliest friends. Ha, too be honest she'd be a shit friend if she was horrible. Anyway, we're off to a old chinese favourite and have been texting all evening to build up what is going to be a bloomin' marvellous evening.

I won't repeat our texts because quite frankly they're filth, but I love love love that I can flirt with one of my best friends and she flirts back! In just this evening we have discussed cleavage vs legs, trying to see my bum and, well, I want to keep mysterious so won't say. But it's going to be A.MAZ.ING.

I get to chat and eat and drink with a girl of my dreams, then wander down to the pub for some bevvies with the boys. Fab :)

If only dates were as easy with guys...