Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Trying to get the girl all the bad guys want...

Written to: ♫ McFly- Corrupted ♫

Tomorrow (technically today), I am off on a girl date with one of my oldest and loveliest friends. Ha, too be honest she'd be a shit friend if she was horrible. Anyway, we're off to a old chinese favourite and have been texting all evening to build up what is going to be a bloomin' marvellous evening.

I won't repeat our texts because quite frankly they're filth, but I love love love that I can flirt with one of my best friends and she flirts back! In just this evening we have discussed cleavage vs legs, trying to see my bum and, well, I want to keep mysterious so won't say. But it's going to be A.MAZ.ING.

I get to chat and eat and drink with a girl of my dreams, then wander down to the pub for some bevvies with the boys. Fab :)

If only dates were as easy with guys...

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