Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Midas is king and he holds me so tight, turns me to gold in the sunlight

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I went to the pantomime today and it was bloody marvellous.

Brian Conelly was in it playing Buttons who I found myself strangely fancying more and more throughout and show, and who held the whole thing together to be honest. It was Cinderella and half of the script was the same as the one in Portsmouth last year, but never mind.

There comes a stage in your teens when pantos aren't cool anymore, they're a bit embarrassing and a joke. But honestly, once your 18 or over, you see a completely different side. Only in panto will you get a whole crowd shouting "Wake up Willy" to a man with his hand stuck up a tortoise puppet's arse. Or sing Old McDonald has a Farm while some dilusional kids try and sing along.

It was hilarious. At times even my cheeks hurt.

What was also strange is that kids seem to be tuned in to boo and cheer at the right moments, without even being told. It's liked it's programmed in. They even got the 'oh no you're nots' without needing to be encouraged. How do they know what to do, when we spend most of our time in a theatre or cinema in silence? Very odd.

My mum pointed out in the interval that we'd been going to the pantomime at Southend probably since I was about 4, and she used to go when she was a kid as well. I love that something as British as this is still going strong, and pulling in audiences and money for the theatres that run the shows. We have beautiful theatres in this country, take Kings Theatre in Southsea that is over 100 years old. They are amazing places with loads of talent, whether famour or not. They definitely shouldn't be forgotten about.

The only bit they didn't do tonight was a "He's behind you" moment, which I missed because I jsu adore shouting at the characters.

But nevermind, the Prince and Dandini were gorgeous. And of course, the Conelly wasn't bad either.

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