Sunday, 20 December 2009

[Secret] Santa Baby

Written to: ♫ Bulletproof- La Roux ♫

I do realise it is 1.36am but I HAVE to write about this now, while it's all fresh and utterly hilarious.

Online this may look shit, but I don't care.

I got my secret santa present from work today and was astonished to find it was in a bag so big that it wouldn't get in the back of my car. It's like, A0 sized or something.

Inside that was a wine box from work with AMANDA scrawled on it.

In this was another box, but folded up.

Under that was a pink gift bag with City Girl on it (honestly, very me).

In that was a M&S carrier bag.

Which revealed a very nice red clutch bag inside.

So not only did I get a nice present but I had some kind of adventure getting there and got to carry a huge bag. What's more annoying is I have no idea who it is! I have an inkling, but I don't know for certain.

Whoever you are, you have brightened up my week and I really appreciate that you know me so well to do it in the way you did and get that present.

'Effin Marvellous!

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