Sunday, 6 December 2009

You'll find me in the club...

Written to: ♫ N-Dubz and Mr Hudson - Playing With Fire ♫

As a busy girl I ended up being at two events on Friday night and seeing the scale of two different nights out in clubs.

The first was a 30th birthday at quite a classy place, where everyone was in couples and perched with their drinks and discussing how their kid was causing trouble at home.

Compared to the one I got to at 10pm, where most of the people were single, there was flirting a-plenty and everyone was dancing around like loonies. It was fantastic! Nothing better than lots of gossip and drink to get the group going. And, as I am attempting a detox (ha!), I didn't drink as much as normal and had no hangover the next day. Huzzah!

There is no pub dilemma this week because it was a bit rubbish.

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