Thursday, 24 December 2009

Concrete jungle where dream are made of

Written to: Call Me - Blondie

I have just seen the trailer for Sex and the City 2. I have mixed feelings about what I saw.

First of all let me admit I have not watched the series. The boxset is sitting at home, but I just don't have the time. But with a SATC mad housemate who knew EVERYTHING I pretty much picked up on what was going on. I saw the first film with my mum at the cinema and enjoyed it.

There is no doubt that this one will be just as popular. The British public as much as the American have taken these four girls (now women) as the epitomisation of being young, free and single. Although by the end of the first film they were all in stable relationships. But, hey, if it keeps the money rolling in...

With the use of Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind, the trailer is already optimistic and cool, combined with a couple of cliched lines "carrie along" and the interesting fashion (half the time they look stupid, I feel). But then it feels like New York had little to offer, so they've shipped them off to a desert instead.

No doubt this will be humourous, especially with Samantha, but British comedy fans will notice that this has been done before. Eddy and Patsy suffered the same fate in Absolutely Fabulous when they went on holiday to Marrakesh and spent all their time in the hotel. Now, that is funny. Real, funny women who still work together, rather than four mannequins who only reunite for the money and work.

Nevertheless, nothing like a bit of fluffy chic-flick with your mum in the afternoon. I'll go to see it, eventually.

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