Saturday, 2 January 2010

Boys, sometimes a girl just needs one

Written to: Boyfriend - Alphabeat (how fitting)

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody.
2010 is gonna be a good one.

Back to today's post about one of my favourite but most frustrating loves, men.

As I have been a commuter into London over the past two weeks I have had more than ample time to gaze at different types of the species.

And with all the seasonal entertainment, there's been some more to fantasise about from television too. I definitely have a thing for skinny intelligent, witty young men who are sentimental, not all quite 'there' and do things on the spur of the moment. David Tennant's Doctor Who or Robert DJnr's Sherlock Holmes types. Logic, practicality and knowledge is HOT.

Besides that, I have noticed the differences between East and West on my commutes to the big smoke. I picked this up at university, where most of the people I met were Westerners. Not that they're a bunch of aliens, but there are differences. I can see them in London too, especially as the train goes into Essex.

There's a level of confidence in Easterners that I can't help but love. Generally I've always liked a wise-crack, someone I can have a good banter with. Most of the guys I imagine to be this type on trains are sitting next to their girlfriends.

You then spot the few in nice suits, iPhones and gorgeous shoes, only to realise they are that arrogant sod who's been sortin' stuff for his 'mates' on the phone and been letting the whole carriage know about it.

I'm not looking at anyone who looks over 30 by the way. Or has a child. Although there was a nice looking dad the other day. But, still, that's wrong on lots of levels.

Every now and again I come across a skinny jeaned, checked shirt and wild haired god who I admire from afar and always will do. But I'm not cool enough for someone like that.

What I'm being increasingly drawn to is young, tall Asian guys with a short, dark haired and well spiked haircut. Add a smart coat and scarf and I'm there. I'm over generalising, of course, but the majority of them are just lovely to look at. It has certainly helped pass some time over the past few weeks.

That and falling more and more for Edward Cullen (NOT Robert Pattinson), another intelligent, playful deep thinker that I've got completely sucked into.

To which I shall now return!

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