Friday, 15 January 2010

Pub Dilemma #5 and #6

Written to: Taio Cruz - Come on Girl

Two this week because I've neglected it! Let me know some views please, and follow me if you're a regular reader!

Would you rather wet yourself everytime you hear "saucepan" or live with Kim Woodburn?

Ha, well. That depends how often you would hear the word saucepan really isn't it? Although I wouldn't want to take the risk of ever going into a restaurant or department store in fear that I may randomly wet myself. No.
Kim Woodburn would be bloody hilarious to live with! She'd always keep the place tidy, look after me and scare away the useless men who can't handle real women. She gets my vote anyday!


Would you rather eat gum off the pavement or help a fat man go to the loo for a week?

Eurgh eurgh eurgh to both. But gum, all the way. Get it over and done with in one quick go. Or "one swell foop", as a BBC commentator said at the weekend. But still, eurgh.

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