Friday, 15 January 2010

A Design, For Life

Written to: Steady as She Goes - Raconteurs

So it has been decided that there has to be a symbol for sarcasm. Some corporation in America (where else) has designed an emoticon, which I can't find a decent picture of, or would show you.

Growing up as a MSN teen I see the total relevance in having a symbol like this. As a sarcastic person it is impossible to get things over to people sometimes if they do not share the same humour or point (or have a big ego, or are a bit thick). Although to be honest, no MSN conversation is exactly relationship building (sorry to those I'm currently talking to on it!)

Therefore to be able to stick this swirly thing next to a sarky remark would be beneficial and avoid confusion. But then, do you want it to be that obvious that you are being sarky, surely the element is in its subtley, or the fact that you want to appear ambiguous? Clear up misunderstandings it may do, but that takes all the fun out of it.

I've just realised I've been rather foolish. Of course there are no pictures of it online, or they wouldn't be able to make money out of it! The company currently charges $2 to use it.

I suppose I'll have to go and get it as soon as it's available to the British market. I can't wait! Everyone will finally know what I mean!

And was that sarcastic? You'll never know, I don't have the symbol yet.

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