Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone

Written to: ♫ Adele- Hometown Glory ♫

I found out I've passed my 60wpm shorthand exam, so am feeling quite pleased about that!

But over the past two weeks, I've realised how exams can really screw you up. At school I felt confident about them, to be honest school was easy and I knew what I was on about. A Levels were ok as well.

Over university I think I had three exams across the three years, and they were exams where you had to write an essay in two hours, or something similar. Everything else has been coursework, so you get to hand in drafts and ideas before handing in the final product. That way you already have an indication of how you are going to do.

So now that I'm on a course that is pretty much all exam, I'm petrified. Not so much of the exam itself, although NCTJ ones are difficult, but the waiting after. I'm impatient anyway, so this really doesn't help. To get that shorthand result was a relief, but there are law and news ones to follow which we might not get for another month. A month?!

It drags things out further than they need to be, and gets me all worked up. Thank God I won't have to worry about them again after March!

I hope. :/

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