Thursday, 12 November 2009

Here in my car...

Written to: ♫ Don't Turn Around - Ace of Base ♫

Nothing that inspiring as happened today except the fattest cheese on toast I've had in my life and minor things involving my car. Seeming as he is a major part of my life; it's time to talk about the lovely Pedro, my red Aygo.

Up until 3 weeks ago I was driving around my N reg golden nugget Doris, a little Micra that I and everyone adored and was sad to see go. Six weeks before I was dut to give her up some loser smashed into the back of me, denting her back majorly and giving her the only mark she had ever had in her 13 years of life. A victim of the scrappage scheme; she is now sadly a cube. I don't want to talk about it anymore or I'll cry.

So earlier this month I picked up Pedro, I don't know why he had to be a boy, but the name just stuck after being widely discussed on my Portugal holiday over the summer with Haylee. 3 weeks in and I'm still struggling with the high bite point and over revving (honestly, it's embarrassing), but he smells lovely and is just so lovely and new.

Studying in Harlow means I'm reluctant to leave him around but it's been fine. Today I left my phone on full display on the passenger seat. OMG. That's a bad idea anywhere. I had to rush from shorthand to go and get the poor thing! Then I had to drive home at 5.30 this evening in the pitch black and pouring rain down the A414 that has no bloody lamposts on it. Some loser over took 4 of us in one go. FOUR?! Then as I thought things would return to normality, the car in front of me which I'd been using as guidance turned off and I was left to lead the way. I was bloody petrified; could barely see anything!

But I made it and came home to see my mum had made me bangers and mash for dinner. Lush.

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