Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pub Dilemma #1

Written to: ♫ Misery Business- Paramore ♫

Every Wednesday or Thursday (depending on when my bestie Haylee texts it to me) I will be discussing the pub dilemma printed in more! magazine. Just for laaauuffs.

This week:
Would you rather be 10ft tall and look like Cherly Cole, or average size and look like Heather from Eastenders?

I instantly felt I should not be shallow and therefore went for Heather, seeming as any woman can fall in love, and she looks decent in real life. Being 10ft tall is stupid, you wouldn't be able to go anywhere. But then thats kind of cheating and not really the question is it?

Everyone else has said Cheryl as it would just be awesome to be that hot and have her life, blah blah. Even when I think about it now though, and here is the over-thinking, look at how stressful and down-right depressed that girl seems to appear behind everything. Her marriage is supposedly falling apart, she's clearly feeling the pressure to stay on the Cowell's good side and must barely have time to sit on her well primed arse.

But then poor ol' Heather has just given birth to a child whose father is an engaged teenager and half her age.

Don't these people get themselves into a pickle?!

So basically I'm not sure if I can answer this one. Not for life anyway. If it were for a day though, a giant Cheryl I would be.

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