Friday, 31 December 2010

The standard new year self-reflective post.

I was pulling a pint when 2010 started. Since then I have...

Got an awesome job.
Met some fab people and been to some incredible places because of that job (most notably, Wembley for an England game).
Realised my single status' potential.
Taken risks - from my first black ski slopes to seizing opportunities.
Rekindled old friendships and strengthened the ones I already had.
Bought my first lippie and wore mascara for the first time EVER.
Started to donate blood regularly.
Grew up (a bit).

So as I continue into 2011 in the manner that I have throughout most of 2010 (dancing around with too much alcohol in me), I promise to...

Ask for a pay rise.
Love all my gorgeous friends even more.
Go on a long-haul trip.
Master liquid eyeliner.

That'll do for now. Happy New Year y'all.

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