Monday, 15 February 2010

I hope you had the time of your life

Written to: 22 - Lily Allen

Sorry I haven't updated in forever but now that I'm having to do the work experience circuit there's just no time after hour commutes (God, they are horrible).

I'm on my second week at Oxygen 10 working on their Celebrity Angels and Seasons magazines. It's going really well, I've written about 6 web stories that I uploaded myself as well, been doing bits of research and have written a four page feature!

The editor called me in Wednesday to ask if I would record a wine tasting session, prompting the conversation, between Michel Roux Jnr, David Ginola and a sommelier. Yes please! We headed to Le Gavroche in the Marble Arch area and I basically had to just record their conversation. When I got in the office the next day they asked if I wanted to write the 2,000 word feature, which of course I jumped at the chance to do!

So overall it's been pretty amazing. And there's still a few days to go!

Meanwhile I spent my weekend working so haven't had a day off in 9 days. Oh the joys of living the dream. I'm a walking cliche!

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